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Part one of the Fallen series

Publisher: Corgi Children's

Luce has been falsely implicated in the mysterious death of a school friend, and much to her despair, has been sent to reform school. Sword and Cross is a dismal place, filled with an eccentric array of students and staff, although one student, Daniel, seems curiously familiar.

Daniel is impossibly beautiful but initially hostile towards Luce, while their fellow student Cam displays far more interest in getting to know her better. Soon Luce realises that all is not as it seems at Sword and Cross and discovers that many of her classmates are hiding an angelic secret.

This book is aimed squarely at fans of Stephanie Mayer’s Twilight and the story is built around a familiar theme of forbidden love, however, Luce is a more likeable heroine than Mayer’s Bella, with a stronger capacity for female friendship as well as romance.

This pacy book is the first in a series and is sure to satisfy all those teenagers looking for a gripping new saga to devour.

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