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Publisher: Doubleday

Ever since her beloved mother died in an astonishing freak accident, Eureka has had little to live for. Living with her increasingly distant father and the stepmother she can't get along with, she represses her tumultuous emotions, refusing even to talk to her therapist. All she cares about are her old friends Brooks and Cat, and her little half-siblings. She shuts out everything and everyone else - at least until Ander comes (literally) crashing into Eureka's life - a tall, pale blond boy who seems oddly familiar, and who insists that she is in terrible danger.

At first Ander's behaviour seems bizarre, but then Eureka discovers the strange inheritance she has been left by her mother - a locket, a letter, a mysterious stone and an old book that no one can read. With the help of a local clairvoyant, Eureka begins to discover the secret that the book conceals - the strange old story of a  girl with a broken heart who cries an entire country into the ocean. Could this story point to the reason why Eureka's mother always told her she must never, ever cry? But even as she reaches out towards answers, Eureka realises those that she cares about most are being plunged into terrible danger.

With an atmospheric Louisiana setting, and a complex central character in Eureka, this first book in a new trilogy from bestselling US author Lauren Kate is full of romance, dark magic and danger. A suspenseful and intriguing paranormal romance, Teardrop concludes on a breathless cliffhanger that will leave Kate's many fans eager for the next installment.

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