Failosophy: a handbook for when things go wrong

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Publisher: Farshore

Despite the title having the word ‘fail’ in it, this is an incredibly positive book. Exploring the concept that failing makes you stronger, and aimed at teenagers, though relevant to all, the content is useful and clear.

The author acknowledges that it’s OK to have feelings about failure. After all, we are living in an age where we strive for perfection in every area. This is encouraged by social media, which promises that if you’re successful enough, you will be rich and happy, and conversely, if you’re beautiful and rich enough, you will be successful. How can anyone win?

The answer is that your perception of failure depends on how you view success – and you can reframe that. Ignore what the wider world is saying. If you’re always trying to please others, can you really be yourself?

The book is divided into various chapters to dip into: the seven principles of failure; what to do when life throws you a curveball; what does failure teach you about success; does failosophy actually work?; and finally a celebration of failures. Inspirational quotes from famous people and diagrams and illustrations throughout give added clarity to the sensible, calm advice.

Written by the award-winning author and podcaster Elizabeth Day, this is a sensible, kind and practical tool for all teenagers (and adults!) everywhere.

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