Everybunny Dance!

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Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

After checking the coast is clear, a group of lively bunnies get together to dance, sing, make music and generally have lots of fun. As the tale unfolds, keen-eyed children will see the silhouette of a fox watching the jollity from afar. When they finally spot him, the rabbits scatter and hide, but the fox's behaviour takes everyone by surprise.

Exuberant bunnies leap across the pages of this delightful picture book, which has an unexpected and heart-warming twist. Ideal to share with preschoolers, it promotes discussion about emotions, empathy and forming new friendships - all key skills in a young child's development.

The rhyming text skips along and is complemented by joyous pencil and watercolour illustrations, full of warmth, colour and humour.

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