Epic Animal Journeys: Navigations and Migrations by Air, Land and Sea

Publisher: Cicada Books

Migrating animals are found in all areas of the animal kingdom: birds, fish, reptiles, crustaceans, amphibians, mammals and insects. But why do they do it, and how does it work? There’s so much to learn, from the varying migration routes of different birds (gannets can cross oceans easily as they can take breaks to swim, float and fish for food, and storks rely on thermal column or rising air) to the yearly habits of whales, who migrate from the freezing waters of the Arctic and Antarctic to warmer waters to give birth.

Divided into four main sections: Air, Land and Sea Migration, and Navigating Change, this beautifully illustrated and presented book charts the journeys of a wide variety of animals from eels to leatherback turtles, swallows to caribou. There’s a useful glossary at the back of the book too, as there are a number of long and tricky words in the book that most adults wouldn’t understand – let alone kids. This makes the book most suitable for upper primary age, but it’s a fab resource for the classroom or for children who are curious about nature.

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