Endangered Animals Atlas

Publisher: words & pictures

This illustrated non-fiction book takes the reader on a journey of discovery around the globe, identifying animals who are under threat from dangers such as habitat loss, climate change and hunting. Each page features a selection of vulnerable creatures from a different part of the world. One principal animal is highlighted from each region, and children will learn where and how they live, the threats they face and how many are left in the wild. Endangered species include vulnerable snow leopards of the Himalayas, who are threatened by poaching and hunting; New Zealand’s kakapo, a flightless parrot whose main threat comes from non-native species; and the indri, a type of lemur from Madagascar, who are critically endangered due to habitat destruction.

Stylish, full-page illustrations provide a colourful and visually informative backdrop to the fascinating pockets of text. The book ends on a positive note, with a conservation section outlining ways in which endangered species can be protected going forwards, such as the creation of wildlife reserves and the development of breeding programmes. A useful contents page, index and glossary will help readers to navigate their way through the wealth of information contained within the pages of this interesting book.

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