Elmer and the Bedtime Story

Publisher: Andersen Press

Elmer, everyone’s favourite patchwork elephant, is looking after young elephants Stella and Mel. To keep them occupied, he takes them on an afternoon stroll through the jungle. On their journey, they meet lots of other animals, each of whom have different ideas about which story Elmer should tell Stella and Mel at bedtime. While the lions like the one about the magic biscuit, the crocodiles prefer the tale about the monster who lost his shadow and the rabbits’ favourite is the one about the invisible teddy bear. However, Elmer has his own ideas about how to help the youngsters drift off to sleep.

Children will love joining in with the repeated phrase, ‘Tell them a story, that will do it’, which helps to propel the tale along. The range of story suggestions throughout the book are ideal to prompt imaginative discussion and children may even have their own favourites that they’d like to share.

With colourful watercolour illustrations and gentle humour, this charming tale is the perfect bedtime read.

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