Eden Summer

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Gothy, tattoo-loving teen Jess goes to school one day to find that her best friend – perfect, popular Eden – has gone missing, and every hour that goes past makes it less likely she'll be found.

Frantic with worry about her friend, Jess looks back to the traumatic summer before for clues about what might have happened to Eden – and, in doing so, has to confront her own troubling past.

Set against the dramatic Yorkshire landscape, Eden Summer is at once a tense thriller about a missing girl and a sensitive exploration of teen friendship. The characters of Jess and Eden are skilfully drawn as flawed, real characters: two very different girls that aren't so different on the inside, after all.

Unafraid to tackle the darker parts of the characters, and the difficult events in their lives, Flanagan has a real ability to write from the heart, frankly and honestly, in a way that teens will love.

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