By Any Other Name

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Publisher: Electric Monkey

Holly is a new girl in a new school, with a new home and a new identity. She's in the witness protection programme, and no one in the country village where she now lives can know the truth about her old identity and her old home. As Holly's family try to come to terms with their new lives, Holly struggles with her own loneliness, anger and her frustration at being in this situation. An unlikely friendship with neighbour Joe helps Holly accept what has happened, but as she reaches out to friends both old and new, she knows that one wrong move could put her - and her family - in terrible danger.

Fans of Laura Jarratt's Skin Deep are certain to enjoy this suspenseful story which combines friendship and romance with a tense and heart-stopping thriller. Sensitively-written and moving, this is a compelling story with convincing characters: the relationship between Holly and her beloved little sister Katie, who has autism, is particularly well-drawn.

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