Eagle Warrior

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Bobbie loves exploring the moorlands and forest around her home in rural Scotland and watching the wildlife that lives there, and she and her granny are thrilled when a rare golden eagle builds a nest nearby. But not everyone is happy about the bird’s arrival: someone wants it gone – whatever it takes, and whatever the consequences.

Why would anybody want to kill such a beautiful bird? Bobbie is determined to protect the eagle, but even though she’s certain she knows who’s trying to harm it, she hasn’t any proof. Meanwhile, granny’s brother Fraser has come to stay but he and granny don’t get on at all. And when Fraser makes Bobbie an amazing offer, she’s left reeling by the seemingly impossible decision she now has to make.

Exploring nature and the different forms of bravery, this novella has adventure, mystery and family drama. As always, Gill Lewis’s use of language beautifully evokes both the wild setting and a passion for the wildlife within it. Obviously there’s a major conservation theme, but equally empowering is Bobbie’s character arc as she figures out what is most important to her and how to stand up for it.

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