When the Mountains Roared

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Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

Ruby’s been uprooted from her home in Australia and moved to the mountains of India, where her dad’s got a new job managing a hotel. Australia was everything she knew and loved, and was full of memories of her mum, who died last year.

Ruby misses Australia terribly, but in the remote Himalayas she finds herself surrounded by incredible wildlife and soon realises her new home is special too. Except something’s not quite right: her dad’s hiding things, the hotel owners are super shifty, and there are rumours the mountain is cursed. And when Ruby stumbles on a shocking secret, it’s up to her to try and save the animals now under threat: the mountain’s last leopards.

Full of adventure, mystery, friendship and family drama, at its heart When the Mountains Roared is a classic animal-rescue story in the vein of Lauren St John. The mountain setting is richly described, drawing readers into the sights and sounds and smells of Ruby’s new home, including snippets of culture and customs local to the area, while Ruby’s emotional journey is powerful and moving. Perfect for anyone who loves wildlife adventures and stories about righting wrongs and doing what you believe in.

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