Donut the Destroyer

Publisher: Scholastic

Donut – full name Donut The Destroyer – is the daughter of legendary villains the Destroyers. Yet, now that she’s old enough to choose her own high school, Donut has enrolled at Lionheart School for Heroes, much to her parents’ dismay.

However, starting at Lionheart isn’t easy: being a villain among heroes, no matter how much she might want to use her powers for good, means that Donut feels left out and alone, until she meets friends Artie and Martha. Yet, her old life doesn’t want to let her go, and when old villain friend Ivy starts making trouble at Lionheart, it looks like Donut might get thrown out of school. Luckily, Artie and Martha are there to help her out of a tight spot…

Graley and Purenins’ thoroughly enjoyable comic/graphic novel is perfect for fans of Steven Universe, Adventure Time and She-Ra, where magic is part of the everyday but the real focus is on friendship and making the best of ourselves. Donut, Artie and Martha’s friendship is adorable, and their school experience (minus the monster-villains) will be relatable for many.

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