Sister Switch

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Lily and her sister Erin are complete opposites - while Lily is scatterbrained, obsessed with popstar Chase Cheney and enjoys writing her blog, Erin is focused, likes collecting rocks and will do whatever it takes to land a place at Chinyere Okafor's Drama Academy.

The sisters don't exactly see eye to eye, but after a very eventful trip to the Hairy Godmother salon, they discover that their bodies have been swapped! What could possibly go wrong?

Lily finds herself trying to juggle homework, Erin's boyfriend Ben and the all-important lead role in the school play, while Erin has to keep Lily's best friend Misha on side while trying not to be too embarrassing.

Will the duo ever really be able to understand each other's point of view? And will they ever get their own bodies back?

Beth Garrod has written another fast-paced, laugh-out-loud story full of cringe moments, tested friendships, heart-in-the-mouth moments - and bananas.

Readers will find themselves giggling at the ridiculous situations the sisters find themselves in, while also feeling genuinely horrified as Lily's friendship with Misha begins to wobble and Erin's dreams hang in the balance.

A really entertaining read that celebrates family, individuality, and the importance of seeing other points of view.

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