Dog Gone

Publisher: HarperCollins

Edward Pugglesworth the pug is enjoying his autumnal morning walk in the park with his owner Dave when they happen upon a terrifying troll in a dingy looking shed in the woods. Rumour has it that the troll that lives there loves chasing dogs with his Eating Machine, so Dave and Edward make a run for it.

When Edward loses Dave in the woods and ends up back near the scary shed, he thinks he’s done for – until the troll turns out to be not so very terrifying after all. In fact, he’s rather nice, and not really a troll at all…

Rob Biddulph’s rhyming story about a dog walk gone wrong has a happy ending for Edward and Dave and a message about kindness and thinking the best of people. His signature bright style and background detail means there’s lots to look at and a few clues along the way as to what the Eating Machine might possibly be…

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