Duck and Penguin Do Not Like Sleepovers

Publisher: Andersen Press

Betty and Maud are best friends. Their favourite stuffed toys, Duck and Penguin… not so much.

When Maud and Betty decide to have an exciting sleepover in a pop-up tent in the garden, they have a lovely time drinking fizzy pop in their snuggly pyjamas, until they realise they need a wee and head inside.

Left in the tent, Duck and Penguin are even more underwhelmed by their camping experience and decide to make a break for it back to the house – only, they get lost. Worse, they’re being stalked by the cat… will they make it through the night?

The sequel to the cute and amusing Duck and Penguin are NOT Friends reminds us that not everyone likes the same things as we do, and we should consider other people’s feelings. It also makes us remember that sometimes it’s possible to become friends when we have something in common (in this case, a shared dislike of camping and cats). Duck and Penguin’s anguished expressions at having to take part in a sleepover they never signed up to are priceless: a delightful book for sleepover fans.

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