Dinosaurs Rock!

Publisher: Macmillan

Putting the 100 million years when dinosaurs ruled the world into context can be challenging but this neat little book does it very successfully.

User-friendly infographics and interviews with experts and dinosaur devotees are mixed with a seemingly random selection of thoughts, facts, trivia and jokes to produce a fun-filled dino-handbook.

Beginning by painting a picture of the prehistoric world, it is packed with fascinating facts about how Earth developed and changed and the many extinction events and evolutionary cycles that produced the huge variety of dinosaurs we now know about. Did you know, for example, that Stegosaurus roamed the Earth for about 10 million years and had already been a fossil for over 70 million years by the time T Rex was lunching on Triceratops?

Although subjective, the information given is factually accurate and includes discoveries and opinions that are only just emerging into the mainstream. With contributions from budding palaeontology students as well as respected researchers, there’s something here for everyone including useful tips for anyone hoping to have a career in a dinosaur-related field.

This accessible, quirky book doesn’t dazzle with flashy colour illustrations but it does radiate enthusiasm and an original point of view.

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