Dinosaur Farm!

Publisher: Nosy Crow

A glorious mash-up of dinosaurs and farm life, this picture book is pitched perfectly at children who obsess over both. Penny Dale continues the adventures from previous books, which have seen these dinosaurs do everything from shuttle into space to sail on pirate ships.

You can guess what's going on in Dinosaur Farm! We're talking dinosaurs. On a farm. As always, it's a fabulously surreal concept that makes you feel like you've entered some parallel universe and is sure to get your child giggling. 

There is a lot of skill here in pulling the two strands together and making it work. Some subtle repetition will encourage children to join in with the words. The illustrations are rich with detail and add a brilliant realism. Who can forget a a Carnotaurus in a flat cap? Or a Baryonyx asleep with a thermos flask? What about the Tyrannosaurus rex in a combine harvester?

With a guide to the different types of dinosaurs and machinery used in the book, Dinosaur Farm! is an absolute winner: fun, daft and educational. 

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