Diary of an Accidental Witch

Publisher: Little Tiger

Bea Black is unenthusiastic about moving to the curious village of Little Spellshire and is upset when her dad accidentally enrols her at the wrong school. She is even more alarmed when she discovers on her first day that the Spellshire School of Extraordinary Arts is, in fact, a school for witches.

Sworn to secrecy by headteacher Ms Sparks, Bea confides only in her diary, where she writes her innermost thoughts and tries to make sense of her baffling new surroundings.

Bea desperately hopes she can transfer to the more conventional Spellshire Academy, preferably before the Halloween Ball, so she can avoid wearing the embarrassing costume her dad is creating. Meanwhile, she must work hard to learn how to use a wand, cast spells, mix potions and fly a broomstick. The strain of keeping witch school a secret from her dad, not to mention mastering magic and making new friends, leaves Bea feeling exhausted.

Full of magical mayhem, this funny tale lightheartedly explores the challenges of moving home, starting a new school and dealing with bullies. The journal-format and amusing black-and-white illustrations make this an accessible and enjoyable read. 

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