Daddy Fartypants

Publisher: Orchard

The Daddy Bear in this book is RATHER WINDY. He poots everywhere: at the art gallery, at the shops, and even at his son's school. But worst of all, he never owns up to it.

After a while, the poor little bear is really fed up of Daddy never saying sorry for his epic bottom blasts, until one day, new teacher Miss Lovelybear gives Daddy a run for his money – and blames it on him.

Finally, Daddy Bear understands what it is to be falsely accused and vows to always apologise thereafter...

Farts are a perennial favourite among young readers and this one about a very windy dad is sure to amuse little ones, although it might have some dads protesting their own innocence. Matt Hunt's bears are full of expression and movement and this nice, bright book is a great one for laughs at bedtime, as well as a subtle reminder that saying sorry applies to everyone.

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