Cyril the Lonely Cloud

Publisher: Oxford University Press


As Cyril the cloud drifts alone through the skies, all he wants is to see a happy face smiling up at him. Instead, he is confronted by frowns and angry glares, as everyone blames him for spoiling their day. He floats over picnics, campsites and open-top buses, knowing that everyone on the ground would rather he went away. Gloomily, he heads towards the ocean, getting bigger and sadder as he wafts above the water.

Eventually, Cyril reaches a new land, where lions, elephants and giraffes roam across the baking hot plain below and he wonders if anyone will be pleased to see him in this barren landscape.

This simple picture book is touching and thought-provoking, clearly demonstrating the importance of rainwater so that the planet to thrive. A lovely uplifting tale with vibrant illustrations bursting from every page, ideal for a project on weather or the environment.

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