Benjamin Zephaniah’s Nature Trail

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Publisher: Orchard Books

At the bottom of a little boy’s garden, all is not quite what it seems. While out exploring, he discovers small animals and minibeasts doing everyday human activities. He watches as a frog and hedgehog play a game of cards while drinking tea, and claps along while beetles dance to trumpets at dusk. Later, he snuggles up with an owl as they read a bedtime story together.

This joyful poem within a picture book pays tribute to all the treats that nature has to offer. Packed with animals and minibeasts galore, Zephaniah’s imaginative rhyming text is perfect for reading aloud.

As well as being a delightful treat of a poetic text (as you’d expect from Zephaniah), the book gives lots of opportunities to talk about and identify different types of insects, colours and fruit, making it a great learning tool for early readers too. Cute and vibrant illustrations by Nila Aye help to bring the imaginative world buzzing to life.

A great book to enchant children and entice them to take a closer look outdoors. Who knows? They might spot a butterfly having a birthday party…

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