Cyborg (Virtual Kombat 3)

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

When a killer virus wipes out most of the adult population in 2030, millions of orphaned children are left to fend for themselves. Many turn to online gaming to escape the hardships of life, with Virtual Kombat - VK - becoming the most popular game. However, VK has deadly consequences and Scott, an Elite Gamer, narrowly escapes with his life. Joining a gang of hackers, he plants a virus which destroys the game, along with its evil creator, Vince Power.

However, Scott’s hopes for a peaceful future are shattered when Vince returns to launch VK3, his deadliest game yet. Played in the real world, the main targets are Scott and his friends, who must literally fight for their lives. They combine their martial arts and tech skills to fend off their attackers, but how can they avoid termination when the entire gaming community is intent on destroying them?

Following on from Gamer and Virus, this is the third book in the dystopian series from Barrington Stoke. Specifically designed to reduce barriers to reading, this super-readable book is sure to appeal to gamers and martial arts fans. Fast-paced, gripping and violent, it is enhanced by stylish black-and-white illustrations which cleverly resemble an online game.

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