Crocodile Tears

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

Crocodile can’t wait to leave her home in the steamy jungle and explore the wider world. So, disguised as a giant banana, she stows away on a cargo ship, crosses the Atlantic and makes a beeline for the bustle of London.

Letters home tell of buses as big as elephants, fierce animals called cars and how cleverly posing as a puddle brings an occasional midnight feast of ‘late-night reveller’. But the lights of the big city are no match for the vibrancy of the jungle and, once winter sets in, the cold on the streets makes home seem a much better place to be. Time to head for the docks and find a lift home!

In this glorious picture book, words and pictures work in seamless harmony to portray the adventures and feelings of a restless, young adventurer. As the colour palette evolves from the dazzling brightness of Crocodile’s home to the dull greys of a big city, so the pace, tempo and form of the verse change to reflect Crocodile’s thoughts and experiences.

Funny, touching, insightful, with plenty to look at and talk about – sure to be a firm favourite with children and adults.

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