Some Dinosaurs are Small

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Publisher: Walker Books

A small dinosaur with tiny flat teeth happily wanders through the forest in search of some tasty fruit and leaves. Meanwhile, a group of big hungry dinosaurs with huge pointy teeth and sharp claws follow the little creature, who's blissfully unaware of their presence. However, when they set off in pursuit and gobble down the youngster’s food, they are in for an enormous surprise!

This humorous picture book will delight young readers and is perfect for reading aloud. The sparse text is set against superb full-page watercolour illustrations in a palette of warm greens, browns and oranges. Eagle-eyed readers will spot some carefully concealed details, such as a number of large dinosaur legs, partially obscured by the undergrowth. The artwork creates an atmosphere of anticipation and encourages children to develop their visual literacy skills by using the clues in the images to help them predict the outcome of this entertaining tale.

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