Croaky: Search for the Sasquatch

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Croaky Hopper is a frog desperate for adventure, like his hero, TV adventurer Tennessee Toad. But sometimes he leaps before he thinks, and things go a bit wrong.

When he joins the Woggle Scouts, he’s keen to make friends who also love adventure. But there’s only Sheena the mouse, who wants to earn badges, and a rather old puffin, Winston the leader. Will Croaky have to sell biscuits to old people instead?

Then he discovers Winston’s secret adventuring museum, and the Woggle Scouts make a plan – to camp out and discover the elusive Sasquatch. But can an accident-prone frog make the best adventurer? 

This charming chapter book is full of humour and action. Croaky’s derring-do spirit is infectious, and the Woggle Scouts end up as a good team.

The chapters are short, and the font is large, meaning readers can easily make progress. Matty Long’s colour illustrations are energetic and funny – there is much visual humour – and although the book is not set in a comic book or graphic novel style, it will appeal to those fans.

With two fun puzzle pages at the back, and more adventures to come from Croaky and his friends, this is a winner for newly confident readers.

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