Counting in Green 10 Little Ways to Help Our Big Planet

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

From planting one new tree, to riding on two wheels instead of four, this charming picture book shares ten ways that we can all help the planet. All the suggestions should be within the power of a typical family to do – for instance, eating less meat and taking re-usable bags from home to the shops. Follow the children as they discover that every small action can make a big difference.

The counting element of the book, along with the simple and warm illustrations, makes this picture book perfect for younger toddlers. Although there are some worrying statistics towards the end, they coincide with the numbers 1-10 being repeated, so the adult could focus on asking the child to count along together if they prefer not to get into detail about climate change with the little one. The final page has a list of organisations helping the planet, to end on a positive note. This is a book that young children will enjoy leafing through themselves, spotting the dog and cat and saying the numbers aloud.

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