Publisher: Andersen Press

Brandon loves to brag, and claims that he’s the best footballer, the strongest in his class, has the fastest skates – the list is never ending. In reality, his only real skill is boasting, and nobody believes a word he says. When he declares that he can count to ten million, Brandon realises he may have gone too far, especially when his maths class calculates it will take him almost a year. However, not wanting to back down, he begins to count.

At first, he just recites the digits, but after a while, the numbers take on a life of their own, emitting a shimmery light as they wait in line to be counted. The higher Brandon counts, the more his life is on public view. He is exposed to a media frenzy, which headteacher Miss Hexx is quick to exploit when she spots an opportunity for fame and fortune.

This light-hearted, engaging tale, with a dash of magic, celebrates the beauty of numbers, as well as Brandon’s steadfast determination to see the task through. It also shrewdly demonstrates how social media adoration can swiftly flip to hatred and abuse. The short chapters are humorously illustrated with expressive black-and-white drawings. 

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