The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams

Publisher: Hodder Children’s

Limpet, his mother and his evil little sister Eve have moved to the seaside town of Splottpool to run an ice cream shop. But Mum wants to create impossible flavours, like tuna and mushroom, and onion and tea… Limpet worries about a lot of things. Top of his list is how will he ever make friends when he has such an embarrassing family?

Luckily, Amelia, Norman and his pet chicken Curtis soon take Limpet under their wing. They show him the wonders of Splottpool, like the rundown pier and the roundabout that supposedly grows magical fruit. And then Mr Fluffy of Mr Fluffy’s Mega Emporium of Amazing and Spectacular Ice Creams appears. He has a van with a disco ball on it, and music pumping out of it. He has a flashing hairnet. He has a long queue of customers. And after Curtis the chicken causes sprinkles and sauce and feathers to explode everywhere in his van, Mr Fluffy promises to crush Limpet’s ice cream shop.

How can Limpet’s family compete with Mr Fluffy’s special and delicious ice cream? Especially when Mum is determined to perfect her spaghetti-flavour recipe?

This hugely enjoyable, madcap adventure, with dynamic illustrations, will engage young readers and make them laugh and laugh.

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