Corby Flood

Publisher: Random House

In an effort to cheer up their father, who is facing professional ruin, Corby Flood and her family take a cruise aboard an ocean liner that has seen better days.

While her brothers play wild games of croquet on deck and her sister goes starry-eyed over the ship’s smarmy first officer, Corby observes her eccentric fellow passengers and reads about the weird and wonderful sights the ship visited in its heyday but now passes by. She also uncovers a mystery: what is that strange sound coming from the hold? And who are the sinister men calling themselves the Brotherhood of Clowns?

Once again, Stewart and Riddell have created a story full of gadgets, maps and surreal humour. But this second volume in the Far-Flung Adventures series is, if anything, even better than the first.

This title was shortlisted for the 2005 Nestle Children's Book Prize (6-8 Years category).

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