Publisher: Bloomsbury

Troy, Blaze, Karen, Femi and Lee are all looked upon as troubled kids with no chance of a future. For as long as they can remember they have all been taking Concent8 for their 'ADHD', as have a most of the kids growing up in disadvantaged areas. The summer the government decides to stop prescribing the drugs the capital city dissolves into rioting, looting and chaos. Blaze, however, decides his gang will do something bigger, something that will stand out, something to be remembered by, but none of the others realise he intends to kidnap someone from the Mayor's office until it is too late.

This novel takes an in depth look at the reasons behind recent riots, both real and fictional, and how labelling a child as 'troubled' can take away any hope they have of making a life for themselves. Each chapter is written from a different character's perspective and it is fascinating to see how people are perceived by others versus how they see themselves. The protagonists are both heart-breaking and infuriating but their actions will keep you engrossed in the story. It is both a great book and a thought-provoking social commentary.

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