Colour Away Your Worries

A calming colouring and drawing book for kids

Publisher: Buster Books

This drawing and colouring book is a very gentle way to encourage children to work through their worries and let go of stress.

It also happens to be a lot of fun. Wiggle the Worry Worm narrates it all, guiding children through a series of activities: from drawing a self-portrait to creating a worry box.

It's all written by a child and adolescent psychotherapist and a primary school teacher - so you have a sense you're in good hands, using tried and tested methods to help children feel better.

It's not just reflecting on negative feelings, either. Children are encouraged to do things like write down their favourite pastimes and jokes, to build up their self-esteem and identity.

One for those who enjoy drawing, colouring, doodling and being creative, as well as needing a little help with their worries.

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