Clover Moon

(8 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Penguin

Clover Moon lives in a run-down back alley cottage with her five stepbrothers and sisters. They are often cold, hungry and dressed in ragged second-hand clothes, but Clover uses her vivid imagination to keep them all entertained as best she can.

Despite her surroundings, Clover has always dreamed about becoming someone special - she is just not sure who that might be. When she receives one beating too many from her evil stepmother, Clover decides she has had enough and sets off to find a future for herself.

Jacqueline Wilson has set her latest story in Victorian London, and the details of the squalor, poverty and dirt her characters live in are all too real. Clover is a brave, intelligent protagonist whose circumstances are holding her back. Her adventure out into the world is both funny and sad, ensuring it hooks readers right to the end.

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