Publisher: Candlewick Press

Circle, Square and Triangle are friends. When they play a game of hide and seek, Circle’s only rule is that nobody hides behind the waterfall, as it is very dark.

While Square accepts this without question, Triangle declares that he is not afraid of the dark and when Circle shuts her eyes and counts to ten, he immediately enters the forbidden territory. With an exasperated sigh, Circle goes to rescue him, but encounters more than she bargains for as she ventures into the inky blackness.

Each shape has a distinctive personality and the dynamics within the friendship group are entertaining. The ambiguous ending is open to interpretation, inviting the reader to use their own imagination to complete the tale. Atmospheric illustrations, in muted browns, greys and black, skilfully enhance the text. Even the solid pitch-black pages, which simply feature a pair of eyes, superbly convey a sense of drama.

Beautifully designed, funny and a little bit spooky, this is a wonderful book to share with young children, particularly those with a spirit of adventure.

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