Chocolate Cake

Publisher: Puffin

A little boy who really, really loves his mum’s chocolate cake wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to go downstairs just to look at it. Super quiet, he tiptoes past his parents’ bedroom and takes care not to wake up his brother, down to the kitchen. There’s the cake: brown and gooey and totally brilliant in every way.

Of course, eating a couple of crumbs off the plate turns into cutting off one small slice, and then another, until the boy realises he’s eaten the whole cake. OH NO! Thinking he can hide the evidence, the little boy washes up the plate and the knife and goes back to bed. Will his mum guess the truth?

Michael Rosen’s stories are often inspired by his own life, and anyone reading Chocolate Cake definitely gets the impression that he might be drawing from his own childhood in this tale of the irresistible cake. It’s certainly something that many families reading will recognise too, and Kevin Waldron’s illustration of an absolutely yummy chocolate cake are also sure to get some tummies rumbling. Marvellous fun!

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