Chicken Mission: Danger in the Deep Dark Woods

Publisher: Faber Children’s Books

Professor Rooster needs a new Elite Chicken Squad, but finding just the right, fearless, talented members for it isn't always just a matter of selecting the most self-assured! When Amy Clutterbuck's dream comes true, and she is summoned to the Kung Foo School in Tibet she discovers that even Secret Agents have fears. Together with fellow students Ruth and Boo she finds herself facing the notorious chicken-killer Thadeus E Fox, and they realise that ingenuity outweighs their special skills of intelligence, perseverance and courage.

Young readers will identify with the Elite Squad's lack of confidence, and revel in Ruth's inventions, and the dastardly Pigeon-Poo Gang, while their elders will enjoy the (useless) duck agent James Pond, and the clever acronyms!

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