Ceri & Deri: Get Your Skates On

Publisher: Graffeg

This light-hearted series of picture books features best buddies Ceri the cat and Deri the dog. In this particular tale, they accompany their friend, Dai the Duck, to the skatepark, as he is too nervous to go on his own. When he falls off his board, Dai is embarrassed and, despite Ceri and Deri’s encouragement to try again, he gives up.

Determined to be good at something, Dai throws himself into a series of activities, from boxing to philosophy, each of which prove to be far more challenging to master than he had anticipated.

Concerned that Dai is feeling despondent, Ceri and Deri enlist the help of expert skateboarder Barbara the Bear, who explains that learning a new skill can be hard work. She persuades Dai to give skateboarding another go, and he realises that he doesn’t have to be the best at something to enjoy it.

Bold, vibrant illustrations are full of wacky detail and the humorous tale contains an important message about the value of perseverance. An ideal book to share with young children, particularly those who may be quick to give up when they find things difficult.

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