Cat Chat

How cats tell us how they feel

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Cats might not feel like us humans, but they certainly have real and complex emotions. Sometimes they want to be stroked and played with, but at other times, they may be feeling scared and want to be left alone.

If you have ever wondered what your cat is really thinking, then Cat Chat from expert vet and CBeebies presenter Dr Jess French is the perfect read. This insightful board book looks at the feline body language – from their tail waves and ear twitches to meows and growling – to help young pet owners figure out what their furry friends are trying to say. The end pages feature even more detailed tips and advice to show children how to interact with their newest member of the family.

Expressive, paintbrush-style illustrations from Penelope Dullaghan show an array of moods that a cat can often feel – whether that’s feeling playful or feeling grumpy. A must-read for new young pet owners and their parents.

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