Maisy Gets A Pet

Publisher: Walker Books

Maisy is visiting her friend Penguin, whose cat has just had 4 kittens. When Penguin offers Maisy a kitten to take home, she’s not sure which one to choose – they’re all so cute! – but decides on the little black cat.

When she takes Little Black Cat home, the kitten is shy at first and Maisy has to learn how to take care of her: feeding her, cleaning the litter tray and giving the kitten a scratching post for its claws. Maisy and Little Black Cat play together and become friends; Maisy takes her kitten to the vets for her inoculations, and her friends come around to visit. Finally, Maisy and Little Black Cat snuggle up and go to sleep.

The Maisy books explore events in the ordinary life of little ones, from starting nursery to going to the park, and this story about getting a pet has all of Maisy’s usual bright interest and calm friendliness as well as being a useful guide for little ones about caring for a pet.

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