Captain Cat and the Treasure Map

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Publisher: Pan Macmillan

On board the pirate ship The Golden Earring, Patch the cat, Monty the ship’s monkey, Cutlass the parrot and Captain Halibut accompany stinky Butch, Cannonball the ship’s cook and Ginger the bravest pirate as they sail the seven seas.

So when the crew find a treasure map, it’s all systems go… But the treasure is cursed, and none of the humans seem to understand the danger they’re in! Fortunately, Patch saves the day – and no one even notices how heroic she’s been!

Illustrated throughout by Kate Pankhurst, with lovely pencil drawings on almost every page, Captain Cat and the Treasure Map is perfect for children that are starting to read their own books, but also tons of fun to read together at bedtime. There are lots of laughs, and the pace is nice and quick, meaning that young readers will power through Patch and the gang’s adventures and be ready for the next one in this great new series.

There’s also a nice moral to the story about being the smallest and the one that no one listens to, but still being the clever character that can solve the problems.

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