Cannonball Coralie and the Lion

Publisher: Lincoln Children’s (First Editions)

Coralie lives in the woods, juggling squirrels, roaring from the trees and standing on her hands. But no one is there to see all of Coralie’s exploits, until one day a loud and exciting circus troupe come bowling through the woods, and Coralie decides to follow them.

Once Coralie meets the Lion, a rather friendly fellow with a supportive roar, she is determined to stay – but none of her talents are enough to impress the Ringmaster, who spends his days barking rules at everyone. Despite Coralie’s best efforts, even her work as a human cannonball isn’t good enough for the Ringmaster, so he sends her back to the woods. But it seems that she isn’t the only one that doesn’t like rules.

Grace Easton’s debut picture book is an accomplished and beautiful tale about why sometimes it’s OK to live by your own rules –  and always best to follow your heart.

The dynamic between the active Coralie and the gentle Lion is lovely, and Easton’s illustration captures all the wonder of the circus with fresh eyes.

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