Waiting for Wolf

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

This heartfelt story quietly and sensitively explores the the experience of grief through simple storytelling and beautiful artwork.

Fox and Wolf are the best of friends. Spending time together is Fox's favourite thing to do, but one morning she can't find Wolf anywhere. She searches everywhere for him, all the places they liked to go.

Then, remembering that Wolf had told her he would be starlight, Fox pulls the stars from the sky, wrapping herself in a velvety starlight blanket amidst the darkness of Wolf's absence. As she grieves for her lost friend, the stars shimmer and flicker and she finds in those sparkles hope and the bright memories of the wonderful times she and Wolf shared together.

Sandra Dieckmann's stunning illustrations really capture Fox's feelings, from the background mountain landscape to Fox's changing body language along her emotional journey. The theme of loss is beautifully balanced by the theme of friendship, as the importance of her and Wolf's bond helps Fox find a way to manage her grief. Although Wolf is gone, the memories and the things they shared together will always be there.

A wonderful book for both those who have and haven't experienced loss.

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