Call to War: The Chronicles of Avantia

(2 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Orchard Books

The evil warlord Derthsin will rule Avantia if he can locate all four pieces of the Mask of Death.

Only the Chosen Riders - Tanner, Gwen and Castor - with their mythical Beasts stand between him and total control.

On their quest to find the Mask in the Southern Caves, the Chosen Riders encounter a menacing village Bone Mother; Isadora, whom they save from being drowned as a witch; and Rufus, a boy who has both extraordinary powers and a fragment of the Mask.

Rufus joins the Chosen Riders in a ferocious battle with General Gor's army and his terrifying Beast Varlot.

Violent, frightening, exciting and disturbing - this book will keep fantasy enthusiasts gripped and leave them in suspense, hungry for more.

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