Call the Puffins!

Publisher: Welbeck Flame

It’s time for Muffin the puffin to leave the family burrow and apply to join the Puffin Rescue Team on the Island of Egg. She knows the correct response to the emergency cry of ‘Bird, bird, bird!’ and she knows that she must always check an egg if there’s one left alone. But her feet turn up at the ends, unlike most puffins’. Will she be able to join the rescue team, or will her feet let her down? Luckily, she meets another new recruit, Tiny, who has very long wings that sometimes get caught in strong winds. Together, they flap and splash through the training classes. When a tiny puffling is lost, can the new friends help save him?

This is a charming story, beautifully illustrated in black and white with adorably cute puffins. Young readers will understand Muffin’s worries about fitting in at ‘school’ and making friends. The message that you too can rise to the challenge even if you’re different from others is subtle and makes for a satisfying read overall. This is a character and a world that young readers will want to return to again, and fortunately it’s the first in a series.

Mae'n bryd i Muffin y pâl adael gwâl y teulu a gwneud cais i ymuno â thîm Puffin Rescue ar yr Island of Egg. Ond mae traed Muffin yn troi ar i fyny, yn wahanol i'r rhan fwyaf o balod. A fydd hi'n gallu ymuno â'r tîm achub, neu a fydd ei thraed yn ei rhwystro?

Mae hon yn stori hyfryd, wedi'i darlunio'n hardd mewn du a gwyn gyda phalod annwyl dros ben. Bydd darllenwyr ifanc yn deall pryderon Muffin am ffitio mewn yn yr 'ysgol' a gwneud ffrindiau. Mae'r neges eich bod chithau hefyd yn gallu codi i'r her hyd yn oed os ydych chi'n wahanol i eraill, yn gynnil ac yn golygu bod darllen y llyfr yn brofiad pleserus.

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