AdventureMice: Otter Chaos!

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Publisher: David Fickling Books

Pedro the little mouse has always dreamed of a big adventure. Travelling mice tell tales of the legendary Mouse Islands and, unlike his large family, Pedro longs to do exciting things himself. One day he sets off with a suitcase and finds himself at a beach. When he’s swept out to sea, this is the start of his thrilling adventures. Rescued by a seaplane piloted by Fledermaus, one of the Adventuremice, and taken to the Mousebase, Pedro meets the rest of the gang, and learns that they protect the Mouse Islands. They’ve performed daring rescues and brave feats. They have a boat, a submarine, a seaplane and even a helicopter! But Pedro doesn’t know how to fly or pilot any of them. What use can a small mouse be? It will take a large otter and a big helping of bravery and kindness to show him that everyone can be a useful part of a team.

This is the first in the series, and it follows in the footsteps of other Reeve and McIntyre books with its pacy story, brilliant illustrations (in full colour) and its immersive nature. Fun and heart-warming, with just the right level of perilous adventure for the young reader, this series is sure to be a winner.

Mae Pedro'r llygoden fach wastad wedi breuddwydio am antur fawr, felly gyda chês yn ei law mae'n dechrau ar ei daith ac yn cael ei hun ar y traeth.

Pan gaiff ei ysgubo allan i'r môr, mae Pedro'n cael ei achub gan Fledermaus, un o'r Adventuremice, ac yn cael ei gymryd i Mousebase. Mae Pedro eisiau bod yn un o'r Adventuremice dewr, ond beth sydd gan lygoden fach i'w gynnig?

Mae Adventuremice, y llyfr cyntaf mewn cyfres newydd, yn symud yn gyflym gyda darluniau llawn lliw gwych. Mae'n hwyl ac yn cynhesu'r galon gydag antur beryglus ar yr union lefel iawn ar gyfer y darllenydd ifanc.

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