Call Me Lion

Publisher: Firefly Press

It’s Luton, it’s the holidays and there is a heatwave. Low on friends, ten year old Leo is passing the long, lonely summer practising the thing he loves most – dancing. Then he meets his new next-door neighbour – confident and chatty, Richa is everything he isn’t but the two instantly become friends. The only challenge is that Leo has Selective Mutism, and is unable to speak when around anyone outside his immediate family. Thankfully, Richa is completely un-phased by this and as a keen dancer too, so the two are a perfect match. It also transpires that she is struggling with a secret of her own…

This is an enchanting tale of overcoming loneliness, standing up to bullies, overcoming fears and finding true friendship. Both Richa and Leo are exactly the kind of friend any child would want – and would aspire to be. They both shine off the pages and it’s a joy to witness their dual transformation as the book progresses.

Selective Mutism has clearly been well researched by the author and the portrayal is supported by the Selective Mutism Research and Information Association. Likewise Richa’s Gujerati heritage was authentically developed with the help of an Inclusive Minds Inclusion Ambassador.

Yn brin o ffrindiau, mae Leo, sy’n ddeg oed, yn treulio’i haf unig yn ymarfer y peth y mae’n ei garu fwyaf: dawnsio.

Yna mae’n cyfarfod â’i gymdoges newydd. Yn hyderus a siaradus, mae Richa yn bopeth nad ydy Leo, ond daw’r ddau yn ffrindiau yn syth bin. Yr unig her ydy bod gan Leo fudandod dethol, ac mae’n methu siarad ag unrhyw un y tu allan i’w deulu agosaf. Diolch byth, dydy hynny’n poeni dim ar Richa ac mae hi’n ddawnswraig frwd hefyd, felly mae’r ddau yn gweddu i’w gilydd i’r dim. Daw i’r fei hefyd ei bod hi’n brwydro â’i chyfrinach ei hun...

Hanesyn hyfryd am orchfygu unigrwydd, herio’r bwlis, gorchfygu ofnau a dod o hyd i wir gyfeillgarwch.


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