Discovery Atlas: Amazing inventors, explorers and artists from all around the globe

Publisher: Alison Green Books

It might feel as though humans have lived on earth forever, but we are in fact a relatively new development in the earth’s history: modern humans have only been around for approximately 300,000 years, which isn’t very long at all, if you remember that our planet formed 4.55 billion years ago.

Yet, in those few hundred thousand years, humans have been busy discovering and inventing things, from fire and tools to the internet, toilet paper and ice-cream. It’s been quite a ride!

Divided into 12 chapters detailing discoveries in areas as varied as medicine, sport, oceans, art, space, technology and food, this gorgeous, large-format hardback book is a wonderful gift for more or less any child with a curious mind.

Thiago de Moraes’ humorous, colourful and wonderfully detailed illustration includes brilliant double page spreads that, for instance, feature some of the key players in the developments in medicine over time, or scientists responsible for discoveries in physics and space.

It’s fantastic to delve into some of the fabulous inventions and discoveries made through history and into the present day, and de Moraes presents them with a genuine sense of curiosity and fun. Recommended.

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