Leonardo Da Vinci’s Life of Invention

Publisher: Pavilion

Sometimes, a genius comes into the world and seems to inspire humanity in completely unexpected ways. This was certainly the case for Leonardo Da Vinci, a man who was equally at home playing music as painting, solving complicated mathematical equations and inventing some of the most visionary machines the world has ever seen.

Born in 1452 during the Renaissance in Italy, Da Vinci began his working life as an apprentice to a famous artist in Florence, and his passion for observing how animals moved and how the human body worked began to inspire his own artworks and inventions.

Moving to work for the Duke of Milan, Leonardo began inventing machines for the battlefield such as the armoured car, an automated cart, parachute and crossbow. He also made notes for inventions including a helicopter, a robot knight, mechanical bat and a diving suit.

Jake Williams’ brilliant overview of the famous polymath’s work, including his legacy today, is presented with beautiful graphic illustration that really draws the reader in and is sure to inspire many young inventors, artists and musicians.

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