Busy Easter

Publisher: Campbell Books

Easter is here – time to have fun! These children are painting some lovely designs on their eggs, and eating the hot cross buns that Dad has just taken out of the oven – yummy!

Next, it's outside with their baskets to find eggs in the garden, and, while they're searching, they find baby chicks in the hen house. Finally, it's time for a picnic lunch outside with buns, cupcakes and all manner of other delicious treats.

This lovely push, pull and slide board book has bright and engaging illustrated spreads with a different slide or push up feature on every page, meaning that toddlers can explore with their hands while you're reading the story, discovering patterns and details such as food appearing on plates and patterns appearing on eggs.

There are also simple questions on the spreads - can you spot the Easter eggs; how many chicks can you count? – adding in an extra layer of interaction and useful prompts for adults sharing the book.

Nice thick pages and well-made tabs and slide elements mean that it's safe to be handled and played with by toddlers, with enough interest in its four double page spreads to return to it many times.

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