Can You Say It Too? Cheep! Cheep!

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Who is behind that flower? Why, it's Cheeky Chick, hiding from Hen. And who's that in the field? Might it be Fluffy Lamb behind the gate? Follow the bright and friendly illustrations to explore the farm, and copy the animal noises –  cheep cheep, baa baa and meew meew. There's a bit of a surprise waiting on the last page, too!

Little ones will love this sturdy board book with big, simple and colourful flaps. The flaps themselves are well made and strong enough to resist tearing by enthusiastic readers, which is a key part of being able to enjoy a flap book for as long as toddlers like. An animal theme is always popular, but the flaps and 'can you say it too?' animal sounds make this board book extra interactive.

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