Business Pig

Publisher: Sterling Books

Jasper isn’t like the other little pigs: he was born wearing a suit and would much rather be passing on the results from his spreadsheets to the other animals at the animal home, than digging for acorns.

The other animals do try their best to be interested (except the chickens, who want nothing to do with Jasper’s pie charts), but Jasper really needs someone that will really understand him. Luckily, after a variety of smart advertising solutions on Jasper’s part, a little girl comes to the animal farm. But will management approve the merger?

An original and entertaining picture book with a happy ending, Andrea Zuill’s story about a bookkeeping piglet looking for his place in the world is utterly charming – and highlights the very real lack of business-oriented role models in children’s fiction!

Zuill’s characterful illustration may give little ones an idea of what some of the adults in their lives do at work, too.

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